Sherry M.
Submitted 06/02/20
Dr. Rohde and his staff are all so friendly. Always have a great visit! Dr. Rohde takes the time to get to know his patients and that is so appreciated.
Tammy C.
Submitted 05/29/20
I am very thankful for Dr. Rohde and his amazing staff! They genuinely care for each person that walks through the door. Dr. Rohde is extremely knowledgeable and works very hard to get to the root of your health issue. He also gives guidance on healing protocols. I highly recommend Dr. Rohde and Renew!
Dean P.
Submitted 05/28/20
Very pleased and Happy to be a Patient of your practice. Nice to have a Doctor to look you in the eye rather look into their laptop and spend quality time with you.
Lori H.
Submitted 05/19/20
My experience at Dr. Rhode's is always great! The whole staff and Doc make you feel welcomed. They are there to help you, are concerned about you, and take care of you the best they can. You feel secure and trust their counsel. I truly appreciate all of them and all they do for me and my family.
Dean P.
Submitted 05/13/20
Was top drawer. Very good Very happy with Dr Rohde and staff
Joe M.
Submitted 05/10/20
Was great
Chris H.
Submitted 05/06/20
I always enjoy visits with Dr.Rohde. He and his staff always been very thorough and I trust them. His friendship means a lot.
Carol P.
Submitted 05/06/20
Wonderful as usual
Rita B.
Submitted 05/01/20
routine b-12 injection fine as usual
Kelly H.
Submitted 04/27/20
Dr Rohde answered my many questions quickly and throughly.
Edward C.
Submitted 04/22/20
Dr Rohde and his staff are always kind and compassionate. Doctor Rohde always listens and tries to figure out how to manage my health issues.
Roger W.
Submitted 04/03/20
Staff was friendly and professional. I was there for a blood draw and literally in and out in minutes
Dave C.
Submitted 03/31/20
Quick arrival by Dr. Informative and took time to explain everything .
Danny M.
Submitted 03/31/20
Best Dr i have ever had.
Danny C.
Submitted 03/25/20
Wonderful experience, The knowledge of your well-being is unsurpassed through Dr. Rohde’ experience, knowledge and staff. If anyone can get to the bottom of a health issue it is Dr. Rohde
Ken S.
Submitted 03/24/20
Dr. Rohde was very personable and I feel has a good bedside manner. He is very passionate about his patients health and care.
Peggy W.
Submitted 02/10/20
This is the influenza/pneumonia season…deadly strains of both. That is why I highly recommend the UVBI treatments with ozone at Dr. Rohde’s office. These treatments help kill bacterial and viruses and help heighten the body’s immune response. I started getting sick on a Friday morning with intense bone chills, fever ranging from 102 to 104, bone crushing pain as well as vomiting and diarrhea. I am a bit of an optimist, so I kept telling myself, this too shall pass. On Monday morning, I was worse. I know many others who have benefited from Dr. Rohde’s UVBI treatments as well as many other medical procedures his office has to offer and patients have had great success. On Monday morning, I contacted their office and they got me right in for UVBI. I know in my heart if I had not gotten that first treatment on that day I did, I would have ended up in the hospital or possibly worse. So please, take it from me, call Dr. Rohde’s office and schedule UVBI if you are starting to feel under the weather.
Joston W.
Submitted 02/01/20
Dr. Rohde and his staff are very friendly and make you feel comfortable!
Tammy A.
Submitted 01/31/20
Never a wait, appointments are always on time
Kaye P.
Submitted 01/27/20
I am just beginning my journey to complete body balance but after my first consultation I am confident I am with the best of the best. Here's to a healthy life and lifestyle.
Wendy S.
Submitted 01/24/20
Dr. Rohde listened to and addressed my concerns. Thank you!
Maya O.
Submitted 11/28/19
Dr. Rohde is amazing and always listens to his patients
Jack M.
Submitted 11/22/19