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Words from our patients

  • I feel amazing. I have more energy and don’t feel like I’m in a fog anymore. I truly appreciate a physician that has the knowledge and takes the time that is needed.

    Cynthia H.
  • The Renew staff is calm, realistic and honest. Dr. Rohde knows his material and knows how to reassure patients that they’re in good hands and on their way to good health.

    Regina W.
  • The Staff is always very friendly and helpful.

    Glenda B.
  • Everyone is so helpful. Whatever you need the staff is happy to make sure you get it.

    Agnes G.
  • Dr. Rohde and his staff are very knowledgeable.

    Jackie J.
  • Dr. Rohde listens well and us very positive in his demeanor and interest.

    Ann H.
  • I am so amazed and excited from the results I have received from my PRP treatment. My skin looks amazing! The best decision I have made for myself.

    Kelly S.
  • Dr. Rohde and his staff have been very helpful and encouraging. The ultraviolet blood treatments have been so successful in helping get through malaria.

    Paul S.
  • The staff at Renew is wonderful. Everyone is so friendly!

  • Dr. Rohde is so well educated about all medicine including cutting edge treatments and technology.

    Melinda H.
  • From the start Dr. Rohde gave me hope and made me feel like wellness was possible

    Beverly Z.
  • I will always recommend Dr. Rohde and his team. He will listen and help you find your problem and teach you how to heal yourself

    Douglas J.
  • Using UVBI treatments I was able to get the shingles rash to heal and all the sores to go away in 10 days. It even helped with my aches and soreness from arthritis.

    Kelly T.
  • Dr. Rohde took the time to go over everything with me inside and out. I have not felt this good since I was a teenager honestly!

  • UVBI treatments have healed me from the inside out. I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from auto-immune diseases like me.

    Chelsea T.
  • Dr. Rohde’s efforts and diligence got my issues under control. He healed my body rather than masks its symptoms and cries for help.

    Raven R.
  • I learned more in 20 minutes with Dr. Rohde, than I had in 15 years with other doctors!

    Richard C.