A Weight Loss Program for People Who Can’t Lose Weight!


Weight LossOver the last 30 years, Americans have gotten fatter at an alarming rate. Fad diets are failing in record numbers. Even diet pills don’t work for most people anymore. Millions of people eat only one or two small meals a day and continue to gain weight, even though their calorie consumption would suggest they should lose weight.

These statistics can’t be ignored. So the Million Dollar question is ….. WHY?

After researching the medical literature, Dr. Rohde has uncovered the best explanations why people are gaining weight faster than ever, and are struggling to keep it off. There are several factors:


It still comes down to calories in vs. calories utilized. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues we face in our American diet is processed foods that contain too many carbohydrate calories. Our bodies were NOT designed to metabolize the abundant quantity of carbs we dump in on any given day. Actually our body doesn’t need ANY carbs in our diet – if we eat high quality protein and healthy fats our body will make its own glucose for the processes that need them, and we will lose weight. Call it Adkins or South Beach or Paleolithic or Caveman – these diets are all similar – low carbohydrate. And…we lose weight. For some of us even the smallest addition of carbs to our diet signals our body’s fat storage engine – and the weight goes up! Simple – don’t eat that carb that looks so tempting – one small cookie will cost you 2 hours on the treadmill – is it worth it ?


Stress comes in many forms: money problems, family issues, job stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, illness, prescription drugs and poor diet to name a few.

Renew is the leader in Central Illinois for ultra-sensitive testing of your key hormones to reveal the effects of stress on your body’s delicate hormone balance. You can learn more about Hormones here.

We offer only natural treatments to restore this balance. The result is often improved energy to exercise, and reduced cravings for junk foods, and improvement in the ability to lose weight.


In Bones, Muscles, Organs, and Fat…
These are BIG reasons your body stores and holds onto fat – it is a less metabolically active toxin storage depot. When we lose weight the toxins stored in fat are liberalized into the body and signal danger from those toxins and then our body will work to restore the fat to hide away the toxins in that metabolically less active storage dump! Sound familiar with yo-yo diets?? Just look at the facts…

  • Every year the Average American consumes 14 pounds of foreign substances including pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, and plastic residue from plastic water and soda bottles and food containers that function as growth hormones in our body. In contrast, we only consume 8 pounds of salt a year.
  • Plastic residue has been found in fish caught in the Pacific Ocean over 1,000 miles off the California coast.
  • Plastic residue has been found in fat cell biopsies of overweight people.
  • Heavy Metals like Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, and others are found in fish and other food and environmental sources and are METABOLIC TOXINS – they interfere with normal energy production in the body – any wonder your body can’t mange the weight properly? These toxins are stored in our fat
  • Stress and poor nutrition can lead to a reduced liver capacity to break down these foreign substances, so instead these toxins are coated with fat and stored away. Losing weight liberates these toxins and the body then slows or reverses your weight loss as a protective mechanism to get them back out of circulation!!
  • Simple low calorie diets or skipping meals actually slows the liver down even more, and the stored toxins and the fat stays put!
  • Since these toxins must remain in fat until they are broken down, some fat cannot be burned no matter how few calories you consume if the load of toxins stored in your fat is greater than the liver’s ability to break it down. This is where a 7 day detox program can help your liver function at its best to get ready to detoxify and lose weight.

Next Steps

Weight Loss Some simple Next Steps:

  1. Eliminate sugar from the diet and minimize your carbohydrate intake from all sources.
  2. Eat Organic meats and vegetables whenever possible to avoid chemicals and Hormonal additives.
  3. Limit the consumption of fatty (toxin-storing) fish, and eat wild ocean caught varieties when able.
  4. Do not heat or store foods in plastic or styrofoam containers to avoid leaching of hormonally acting plasticizers and toxins.
  5. Do not heat food in plastics in the microwave.
  6. Start a 30-day Weight Loss program at Renew! No doctor’s appointment is necessary to start the meal-replacement program, but we suggest you schedule an appointment with Kelly before you start your first month on supplementation to get baseline lab work and get a really good understanding of how to do your best. Call our office to arrange a time to come by for a taste test of our delicious meal replacement shakes.



Act now and stop by the office for your 7 day Detox Cleansing Kit. These 7 days will help your liver detoxify and prepare it and your body to detoxify effectively as you start your weight loss program. Compared to the food bill of the average American, our meal replacements might even be cheaper than the food you won’t be buying! So you’ve got improved health to gain and nothing to lose, except for your most stubborn fat!

If you continue to have significant symptoms like fatigue, sleep disturbances, irritability, lack of energy and initiative, poor sex drive, menstrual cycle problems, or menopause symptoms and do not feel better on your first month of our natural meal replacement program, then we will be glad to see you for an individual functional medicine consultation for evaluation of your thyroid, sex, and stress hormones as well as for environmental toxins and heavy metals that may be interfering with your weight management. Let us help you be successful in your weight loss efforts and Live Your Best Life with a detoxified body and balanced hormones!

All office visits and lab work for our weight loss program and functional medicine evaluations are included in the bundled programs we offer.


Very Simply, several key elements must always be in place for weight loss and weight maintenance: There should be no such thing as a “diet” – there is only proper nutrition. There is no quick fix, no magic pill, no instant remedy, but there is a way. Learning healthy eating habits and living a clean, healthy lifestyle in conjunction with regular exercise is the key to maintaining an ideal weight.

The rules are simple; in fact, they may sound like something your grandmother might have told you.

  • Eat portion controlled meals - seconds are frequently our downfall. Breakfast (which is optional if you're doing intermittent fasting for instance), lunch, and dinner; then you may have a small snack between lunch and dinner, and a small snack before bed if needed.
  • Buy as much Organic produce and pasture raised meats as you can afford. This helps avoid toxins like chemicals and other environmental toxins.
  • During your meals, your plate should be 1/3 protein and 2/3 vegetables (and add a sprinkle of olive oil or almonds for your fat)
  • Avoid sugar and sweet snacks. If it says “low fat” or “instant” on the package, put it back as sugar is frequently added as the substitute.
  • Eat all your vegetables and two fruits every day
  • Have a tablespoon of BodyBio balance oil twice daily for a proper 4:1 Omega3:Omega 6 essential fatty acid supplement to make healthy cells.
  • Get up from in front of the TV or the computer – and go outside and play - fresh air and sunshine and some Vitamin D!
  • Have balanced hormones - Thyroid, Adrenal, Sex hormones
  • Avoid stress - or learn how to de-stress with meditation, self hypnosis, exercise, etc.. Eliminate other stressors, especially toxic work environments and toxic people and relationships.
  • Get plenty of uninterrupted sleep – 7-8 hours
  • Drink lots of purified water



It is unfortunate, but many people are confused about what to eat.

There are four simple guidelines to help you when shopping at the supermarket or deciding on what to order at a restaurant:

  • Organic proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, lean pork, and pastured eggs)
  • Organic Colored vegetables (any vegetable that is colored (not white) all the way through) - use the Environmental Working Group app on your phone for the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen to help guide you and make cost reasonable.
  • Organic Hard fruits (if it crunches when you eat it, it’s GOOD FOR YOU!)
  • Healthy Fats: (olive oil for cool foods, coconut oil for cooking. BodyBio Balance oil for Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids. (Raw Nuts are good for you as well)



Weight loss is a simple ratio: calories in versus calories out. You must eat less than you burn in order to achieve weight loss. In particular excess carbohydrates trigger insulin release whose only job is to decrease or maintain your blood sugar and it will store any excess calories as FAT!  Fat storage starts in the liver and then everywhere else - gut, muscles, etc.. Fatty liver is now the most common cause of liver cirrhosis - which used to be mostly caused by excess alcohol intake! This can lead to liver cancer so make the dietary changes today!

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