Membrane Healing and the PK Protocol

All the cells and even the organelles in each cell in our body are composed of lipids or fats. The lipids in the membrane control the function of the membrane – keeping some products inside and some outside. The lipids in the membrane are fluid, and therefore in motion, and are constantly adapting to the changing environment. There are mechanisms that allow some products to enter or leave the cell either actively or passively. If the proper membrane structure is not maintained, then a breakdown in function of that cell or cells occurs and can lead to dysfunction or even death of that cell. The body has an innate repair mechanism that helps it to heal by repairing the membranes or replacing damaged cells. If enough cells are damaged then the organ or the entire body can become unstable enough to cease functioning properly leading to illness or even death of the entire body!

Unfortunately in our present modern day society we are exposed to toxins that can damage our cell membranes by replacing healthy normal lipids with abnormal ones from the poor quality processed foods we eat. Think trans fats, reheated (thus oxidized) cooking oils used to deep fry foods, etc. If this is overwhelming enough then cell membranes can become stiff, and can actually allow permanent openings to form between inside and outside of the membrane allowing access to the inner cell by chemicals, toxins, and even viruses and bacteria. Think about the intracellular location of chronic Lyme disease for instance – how did it get there if your membranes are intact? It would then make sense that we need to change how we are nourishing our body and work on healing the membranes in our body to restore normal function and allow health to return.

To approach illness and disease one must begin with the health of the cell membrane. Each of us is born with genetic susceptibility, but it may be an insult from our environment that turns on the expression of those susceptibilities. For example, Parkinson’s disease is linked to exposure to pesticides, but the symptoms of Parkinson’s will not be expressed unless one has the genetic vulnerability for Parkinson’s. The use of balanced fatty acids is pivotal to changing this presentation along with stimulation of methylation which drives gene expression. Methyl agents include methylcobalamin, riboflavin and folinic acid which must be in sync with balanced lipid nourishment for the patient to respond to nutritional intervention.

Nutrigenomics plays a major role in stabilizing a patient’s health as does the fatty acid content (and phospholipids) of the cell. However, targeted, individualized nutritional therapy is crucial to reaching the complexity of patients with chronic, debilitating health presentations. Basic knowledge of cellular phospholipids and essential fatty acids can lead to positive outcomes with nutritional intervention. Per Dr. Kane: “ The most important nutrient for the brain is fat, and not just because the brain is made of fat but because of what the fat does. In particular, brain-cell membranes control the entrance and exit of material to and from each cell. Increasing the permeability of cell membranes speeds neuronal transmission. Brain-cell membranes also become rigid with age. Thus, nutrients that can maintain membrane fluidity show particular promise in maintaining healthy cognitive function. ”

Patricia Kane PhD and her late husband Edward Kane have developed the membrane healing diet and IV protocol called the PK Protocol. This is a scientifically literature based and supported protocol based to some extent on a Lipid rescue protocol that we have used in hospitals for many years to help the body heal from drug and anesthesia overdoses. This is well supported by the “traditional” Medical community as an approved therapy to heal the bodies membranes and restore health. Please see to see protocols and research literature supporting traditional lipid rescue therapy. Dr. Kane has had years of experience with this protocol and has made it her life’s work to spread the news of how to utilize this diet and protocol to help people heal and some even recover from dreaded illnesses like Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ALS as well as Chemical and Heavy metal intoxications. This protocol is also being used in Europe by Dr. Meinrad Milz, an oncologist, to treat various types of cancer alongside lower dose traditional chemotherapy with exciting results.

The Membrane Healing Diet

The membrane healing diet and protocol is a modified ketogenic diet developed by Dr. Patricia Kane. If you would like information on this it is available on an individual basis to patients of Dr. Rohde. It utilizes healthy fats to help heal membranes including Dr. Kane’s Phosphatidylcholine in liquid or capsule form and BodyBio Balance Oil. These are available for purchase from my office or directly from BodyBio utilizing my order code for a 20% discount.

You can use a Paleo cookbook and Paleo recipes found elsewhere but paying particular attention to avoiding ingredients in these recipes that are on the Do Not Use or limited Use List in her membrane healing diet book. In particular these are usually sweeteners like honey or agave which are allowed in small quantities on the paleo diet but not in the Membrane Stabilizing diet. Olive oil is ok but it is not a membrane healing oil like the BodyBio Balance Oil. Have fun with this dietary change – and here’s to improved health and vitality!


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