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Clearlift Laser Facelift

Let Renew Dramatically Revitalize Your Skin

Take Years Off Your Face!

The next generation fractional rejuvenation






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The Clearlift Laser Facelift provides collagen production with a remarkable rejuvenating advantage:

 It's Non-Invasive, and has NO PAIN and NO Down time!

That's correct - NO PAIN and NO Down Time. Unlike the traditional Pixel fractional ablation we have had such stellar success with, this latest version provides the pixelated rejuvenating effect below the intact skin. No one will know you had it done and it has no need for topical anesthesia or aftercare wound care!

Sound exciting? It IS!

Featured on "The Doctors", as well as "Dr. Oz" and other shows.

Did we mention that it is non-invasive, requires no anesthesia and because of that is CHEAPER - $300.00 per treatment for a full face! The second generation fractional laser that required topical numbing and 3-5 days of recovery time was $750.00 per treatment!

You will need 5 treatments performed every 3-4 weeks for maximal collagen building benefit!

Call Now to schedule this amazing new procedure - eliminate years from your face and minimize your use of Botox as well!

Clearlift, the fractional rejuvenation procedure performed exclusively by Pixel laser technology from Alma Lasers, erases years from your face and stimulates new collagen to grow. This innovative laser treatment helps counteract years of skin damage, whether it's from exuberant sunbathing or the untreated ravages of teen acne leaving you with unsightly pitting and scarring. This dramatic procedure improves your skin's texture and tone to reduce the size of pores, fights fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation problems like melasma, and can help reduce the unsightly appearance of stretch marks.

The Clearlift laser works by creating thousands of microscopic perforations, but the skin around each of these perforations remains intact. This allows your skin's top layer to heal from the edge of these tiny holes very rapidly, which significantly improves your complexion. It provides noticeable results, often in as little as a single treatment.

In more detail, the Pixel laser light passes through patented optics to penetrate the intact skin surface creating tiny thermal channels, of micro-injury, without disturbing the skin or surrounding tissue. These micro-injury sites (about 15-20 percent of the treatment area) start the process of healing. As collagen remodels, skin tightens and scars improve. The intact, undamaged skin over the treatment site promotes quicker healing for a fast recovery - treat today then back to work - no one will know!

If you've considered laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, or deep chemical peels, but hesitated because of the extended recovery time or anesthesia required, The Clearlift Fractional Laser Facelift is the right solution for you. It provides similar dramatic results through a superior technology with minimal risks and a rapid healing time.

Clearlift treatment erases years from your face and stimulates new collagen to grow providing dramatic results by improving your skin's texture and tone to fight fine lines, wrinkles, and even mild acne scars.

Patients choose Clearlift because it:

  • Requires NO DOWN TIME
  • Tightens "crepey" or lax skin (anywhere on the body)
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the need for Botox and Fillers!!
  • Shrinks the appearance of pores
  • Lightens dark under eye circles
  • Reduces scars and Stretch marks
  • Blends uneven pigmentation - Melasma from Pregnancy or Oral contraceptives
  • Improves Rosacea, broken capillaries, and spider veins

Clearlift Laser Facelift is Safe and Comfortable

Clearlift treatments are safe and effective, without injections or surgery. Now you can have great results without the need for topical numbing medication and without any post treatment skin injury others will see. Recovery is speedy and so are the initial results!

Great Results, Faster Healing

The Clearlift fractional laser technology represents the next evolution for skin rejuvenation compared to earlier fractional laser skin resurfacing treatments that involved skin side effects with 3-4 days of down time!

Your face is an important part of who you are. Learn more about Clearlift skin resurfacing and what happens with treatments here.

Am I a good Clearlift candidate?

Anyone whose skin shows signs of aging is a candidate for Clearlift. The most dramatic results are seen on people who have tried non-invasive therapies and are looking for something more aggressive but without the pain and down-time. The best candidates have moderate sun damage, are in good health, have good health habits and typically take good care of their skin.

Does Pixel Perfect work on all skin types?

Yes, Clearlift can be performed on all skin types at any time of the year; however, it is vital to consult with Dr. Rohde or his staff as some skin conditions can interfere with proper treatment.

How Long Will the Laser Treatment Take?

Clearlift treatments usually take less than 20 minutes per area. Your exact treatment regimen will depend on your individual consultation and the area(s) you wish to have treated.

Is it safe?

Clearlift treatments are safe and effective, without injections or surgery. You can expect your skin to have very minimal redness that is short-lived after the treatment. More importantly, no one will notice you had anything done immediately after the procedure.

Will it hurt?

NO!!!! Most experience a pleasant warmth during the treatment. Occasionally there may be a snapping sound as the laser head is moved from area to area but that is entirely painless and without consequence.

Will I need a touch-up later?

While Clearlift will reverse some of the appearance of aging, we can't stop the aging process. This will require an Anti-Aging consultation to evaluate your overall health including your nutrition and health habits, hormones, etc.. However, depending on your starting point and your lifestyle following treatment, your new look can last many months or longer. We recommend that you practice meticulous skin care to maintain results. This includes avoiding excessive sun and UV exposure and using our Renew 4 Step Skin Renewal System to maintain your investment. Further, daily use of a moisturizing sunscrren whenever you are in the sun will help new damage from occuring. Conscientious skin care extends the effects of your skin renewal and collagen remodeling, maximizing the benefits of your fractional treatment and will ultimately increase the length of time between maintenance sessions.

For most patients, a touch-up treatment after 12 months helps maintain a healthy glow.

How much does Clearlift Laser Facelift cost?

Clearlift costs vary depending on the surface areas treated, but a face treatment starts at just $300.00 per treatment. You will need 5 of these to complete a series and maximize initial collagen restoration. If you want other areas treated at the same time, like your neck, tummy, upper arms or hands, we will be happy to give you an estimate for those as well at the time of your consultation.

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